CommonPlace: Great New Social Network

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be connected within my community while living life with a global mindset. I tend to do a bum job of practicing what I preach, so this post is really just a way to encourage myself to get going. To get through these difficult times, it seems our only option as Americans and as world citizens is to combine two philosophies. We need to think¬†locally, and act globally.

One place to start is by using the resources directly at our disposal: our computers and our neighbors. Sure, eBay is great, but did you consider that maybe Carolyn down the street might be able to use your old lawn mower before you shipped it off to Spokane for an exorbitant shipping fee? With CommonPlace, you can find out if there is a local service, event, product, or cause that sparks your interest, first.

Peter Davis and Max Novendstern of Harvard founded the site in 2009 with the goal of creating a social web experience that stresses civic empowerment. You can find out more about the movement here.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll see when you login:

I’ve only been a member for about 48 hours, but I’ve already learned about a new bar & grill that’s being built on main street, found out a better route to take a bus down south, and contributed to a conversation about the best pizza place in the village. Debates are going on about whether chickens should be legalized in the township (yes, you heard me correctly), people are selling old baby toys, and advertising new environmentally friendly businesses. I’ve learned so much about my town and my neighbors (not just the ones next door) in such a short time.

If your community doesn’t have a CommonPlace site yet, be the first to nominate your town and spearhead a worthwhile effort!


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